In the field of quantum information processing, required are the quantum state transfer between an electron and a photon, the high-fidelity entanglement transfer, the quantum memory which enables efficient storing and retrieving the quantum state and other related technologies. These poses formidable challenges to the experimentalists as well as theorists in the quantum physics community. We are interested in the theoretical physics aspects for attacking these challenges.

 At the same time, in the field of materials science, new materials are continually discovered and/or synthesized, such as carbon nanotube, graphene and metamaterials.  Their fundamentally new features are attracting our interests and many new physics are revealed. We are deeply interested in investigating theoretically the yet unknown phenomena in these materials.

 Our group have a long experience in the theoretical studies on the semiconductor physics, quantum state control and quantum optics general. We prefer very much the collaboration with experimental groups which inspires many new ideas and published several papers as a result of such collaboration.