Hokone Ashino-ko lake view, Kanagawa.

Joetsu Kokusai ski and snowboard resort, Niigata.

Shirahama beach, Izu-Shimoda.

Nasu Rindou-ko lake view, Tochigi.

New sports grounds, from my lab.

Osaka castle.

Omiya campus.

Yuzawa Park Ski.

Okinawa, in spring.

Building of Mathematics in autumn 2014.

Beetles, in Omiya campus.

Isn't it rainning, Prof. Egami ?

Winter, in Omiya campus.

Building of Mathematics in autumn.

Suuri-Matsuri (festival).

Runnnig horse, by my son.


Odaiba Kaihin Koen.

There is something interrupting you. Can you find it ?

Crayfish, after shedding its skin.

The evening sun, Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress (Orlando).

From a room of hotel in Orland, Florida.

The relics of the French revolution in Poitiers.

Cherry blossums in Hachioji-campus, Kogakuin University

The Sai no Kawara Park in Kusatsu.

The Sai no Kawara Park in Kusatsu.

Yubatake in Kusatsu.

Yubatake, Kusatsu's largest and most historic hot spring source.

Aoshima Beach in Miyazaki and Prof. Yanagida.

A cat and my daddy.

Chami Takeuchi.

Mt. Takao in Tokyo.

Matsue Castle in Matue, Shimane.

Japanese Huchen.

Japanese Crane.

Kushiro River in Kushiro Marsh.

Norokko Train in Kushiro Marsh with my wife.

Pony at Toro Station in Kushiro Marsh.

Ezodeer at Toro Station in Kushiro Marsh.

Mt. Aso in Kumamoto.

Lake Kinrin in Yufuin, Oita.

Umizigoku in Beppu, Oita.

Kumamoto castle.

Mt. Fuji.

My laboratory and good students in Gakushuin days.

South 1st building, Faculty of Science, Gakushuin University.

The building of the department of Mathematics, Waseda University. (the center in this photo)

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei.

The pond of Chiarai in Gakushuin Univ.

The heavily decorated Yomei-gate of Toshogu Shrine in Nikko.

The mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu who is one of the most important figures in Japanese history, the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate that lasted for over 250 years until 1867.

The three monkeys who see, speak and hear no evil.

The Daiyu-in is the mausoleum of the third Tokugawa shogun, Iemitsu.

Lake Nojiri from Kurohime Highland in Nagano.

The park of cosmos in Kurohime Highland.

Lake Nojiri, where the fossils of Naumann's elephants and Yabe's giant deer were found in 1962.

Lake Nojiri.

Matsuyama Castle in Ehime.

The Ferris wheel of Tokyo Sea Life Park (Kasai Rinkai Kouen), which is the biggest and highest wheel in Japan. But it looks not so from this angle.

Arakawa River near my home. I sometimes go cycling there.

A bank of the Arakawa River.

Taken from a Sushi-bar of Yebisu Garden Place.