Information for students who will graduate in March, 2020(About accounts and services)

We will update the system data with the following schedule.

  • Graduate student :start from Mar. 23, 2020
  • Undergraduate:start from Mar. 24, 2020
SIC account will be terminated and the service provided by the SIC (except Gmail)
is no longer can be used for the students who will be graduated soon.
The service is as below:
  1. Services that use Windows password
    • Login to PC in PC room
    • Access to myvolume and downloadserver
    • Login to scomb and S*gsot
    • Login to various remote servers
    • Lecture Video
  2. Services that use student ID card
    • Unlocking the doors in campus
    • Using certificate issuing machine
    • Printing and copying in the PC room and I/O room
When the account is stopped, the data in Myvolume will be deleted.
For this reason, students who will graduate, please back up the necessary data by yourself by March 23.

This is the same for students who are planning to go on to graduate school.
※ Because new accounts will be issued when you go on to graduate school