About Windows 10 of PC rooms

Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020.

Since October 2019, We have been servicing both windows 7 and 10 in PC rooms. For the new semester, we are scheduled to change it Windows 10 only.

Scheduled change details are below

  • After February 15, boot OS will be changed to Windows10 in PC rooms. (The teachers PC in general classroom will scheduled in February 17)
  • The period untile the end of March is the confirmation period for the software used in the new semesters lectures
  • The software can be used that has been approved by the Center for Science Information as A / B / C classification software in principle.
    (The software may not be installed if it does not work on Windows 10 in our environment) Installed software list in PC rooms
  • Software versions may be updated at any time due to license / software updates for the new semester

In addition, Windows 7 installation media located at library and each department office will ended.

For installation of Windows10, please check Microsoft EES OSMicrosoft EES OS(accessible from campus network only)