About SRAS

'SRAS' is an abbreviation of 'Shibaura-it Remote Access Service'. This service provides the access method to campus network from home or business trip destination via the Internet, or via Wi-Fi Access Point deployed to Campus, or via wired connection to the ethernet port at such as a PC room.

If you connect to campus network via SRAS, it is possible to use the services provided limitedly to Campus network, and also connect to PCs at laboratories.

Please refer 'What you can do with SRAS?' for details.

1. The purpose of SRAS

  1. Support of education and reseach.
  2. Support of university affairs.

2. Scope of users

  1. Students and faculty and staff of Shibaura Institute of Technology.
  2. You must assigned the SIC account.
  3. You must activate the SRAS service.

3. Availability period

  1. During the enrolled period (during employment period for faculty and staff)
  2. It will expire immediatly at graduation of students, or retirement of faculty or staff.
  3. It is not available if the account is suspended.

4. Type of service

(Virtual Private Network)

This service provides an access method to connect to campus network via the Internet.

Available types of VPN are below.

  1. PPTP(Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol)
  2. L2TP(Layer2 Tunneling Protocol)+IPSec(Security Architecture for Internet Protocol)
  3. SSTP(Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol)
SRAS Wired access

This service provides an access method to connect to campus network via the ethernet port at the PC Rooms.

IP address is assigned by the DHCP. And the authentication is using telnet.

  1. Automatical IP address assignment by DHCP The IP address will be assigned automatically to connect to campus network.
  2. Authentication method telnet (OS independent)

SRAS Wireless LAN

This service provides an access method to connect to campus network via Wi-Fi access point deployed to Campus.

  1. Wi-Fi protocol
    IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
    (IEEE 802.11n is available at Shibaura campus and the Building 2 at Omiya campus.)
  2. Authentication method
  3. Encryption type
    Dynamic WEP (64bit)/WPA/WPA2-Enterprise
  4. Covered area (some area is unavailable)
    Toyosu campus
    Omiya campus
    Shibaura campus

This service provides an access method to connect to campus network via WiMAX network provided by UQ Communications inc.

It is able to connect from UQ WiMAX area of Japan

Individual contract with UQ Communications inc. is needed.

5. Regulations

The regulations of SRAS is comply with 'Network usage regulation of Center for Science Information of Shibaura Institute of Technology'.

6. Activation of SRAS

Except for SRAS WiMAX, an activation by AMI (Account Management Interface) is required to use these service.

Also after the activation, you should add some configurations for SRAS into your PC. In case of SRAS WiMAX, you should contract with UQ communications inc. and you should submit the network switching request.

Please refer below manuals about activation and configuration for SRAS.

last update : 2014.11.05
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