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About Computer Rooms

  1. About Computer Room
  2. Rules and Manners
  3. Authorized users
  4. Opening hours
  5. Closed days
  6. Overtime use
  7. Replacing of consumables
  8. Lost and Found Policy
  9. Student staffs
  10. Installed softwares
  11. How to change the IC Card security
  12. Using image scanners
  13. How to change the display language

9. Student staffs

Student staffs who are wearing white jacket, takes care for users in computer rooms. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact to them. When there is no student staff in the computer room, please contact to the service counter of 'Network Service Section'.

Please note that they are not able to help about questions below.

  • About coursework and reports
  • About personally owned computers, or abount buying computers personally
  • Questions by telephone from outside of the campus
  • About using for non education or non coursework purpose.
  • About teacher's desk system in the generic classroom
Student staff

Please contact to 'e-learning laboratory' about teacher's desk system in the generic classroom.

last update : 2019.12.19