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About Computer Rooms

  1. About Computer Room
  2. Rules and Manners
  3. Authorized users
  4. Opening hours
  5. Closed days
  6. Overtime use
  7. Replacing of consumables
  8. Lost and Found Policy
  9. Student staffs
  10. Installed softwares
  11. How to change the IC Card security
  12. Using image scanners
  13. How to change the display language

7. Replacing of consumables

The printer papers (A4 and A3) and, the papers for Oce printers are stocked by SIC. Please contact to the SIC staffs or the service counter of 'Network Service Section', if the printer indicate 'Paper Empty' or 'Replace Consumables' like toner or ink.

  • Please prepare the papers of HP plotters and manual feeding papers of printers, by yourself.
  • In the hours of overtime use are self-service. There are no support about consumables.
last update : 2019.12.19