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About Computer Rooms

  1. About Computer Room
  2. Rules and Manners
  3. Authorized users
  4. Opening hours
  5. Closed days
  6. Overtime use
  7. Replacing of consumables
  8. Lost and Found Policy
  9. Student staffs
  10. Installed softwares
  11. How to change the IC Card security
  12. Using image scanners
  13. How to change the display language

2. Rules and Manners

Computer rooms are common places that are shared by many users. Please try to keep good manners for comfortable use of PCs.
* Food, Drink
All food and drink are prohibited in Computer rooms. Bringing foods or drinks (includes drinks in spill proof containers) to Computer rooms are also prohibited.
* Noise
There are many users studying in the rooms. Please limit noise and keep quiet conversations.
* Leaving from your computer
Be aware to leave from the PC you are using. There are risks of illegal use of your computer, if you leave from PC without locking the computer. Illegal use of your computer brings the risk to not only your account, but all of computers on the campus LAN. All users should protect the security of the passwords by managing passwords in a responsible fashion.
* Prohibited use
The resources of Computer room or user accounts issued by Center for Science Information must not be used for activities unrelated to study or research. All users must not access to such as fraudulent, harassing, obscene, threatening, private shopping, auctions.
* Removing and taking out
Please use in the style as the equipments were installed. Removing the equipment or taking out of the equipments in Computer rooms are prohibited.
*Wet umbrellas
There are many electric or network cables under the floor panel in the Computer rooms. Bringing wet umbrellas to Computer rooms are prohibited to prevent electric leakage and PC trouble.
* Don't power off
All PCs in Computer rooms are always power on. don't power off the PC after use. Automatic maintenance programs are running at mid-night or early morning.
* Software installation
Installation of softwares into the PCs in the Computer rooms is prohibited.
Illegal copy of installed software
Copying and taking out the software installed on the PCs maintained by Center for Science Information is prohibited.
Seat reservation without using
Please don't reserve a seat without using, because there is a limited to the number of PCs. Please give up your seet to others who needs, if you are not in need. If the seat is determined as reservation, the seat will forcibly logged out automatically. (Note: In this case, unsaved data will be discarded.) Please refer 'The countermeasure for seat reservation in Computer rooms'
PCs under repair
There are in scheduled or unscheduled maintenance of Computer rooms. Please don't touch the PCs under maintenance.
No smoking
All area in the building of campus are no smoking except at smoking area.
last update : 2019.12.19