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About Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education is a cloud service for educational institutions mainly. Google Apps for Education has been introduced to Shibaura Institute of Technology since 2008.

1. Activation of Google Apps

In case of faculty, activation of Google Apps is needed before using. In case of students is not needed.

2. Login to Google Apps

The username and the password for Google Apps is needed to use several services provided by Google Apps.

Passwordpassword set by AMI

3. 2-Step Verification

2-Step Verification is available for the authentication of Google Apps, which is using the combination of the password and one time passcode. There is a risk of being hijacked your Google Apps account, because the services of Google Apps are able to access from all over the world. We recommends to enable 2-Step Verification.

The introduction of Google's 2-Step Verification is here

4. The services provided by Google Apps

Mainly the services below are available.

  1. Gmail
  2. Google Calendar
  3. Google Drive
  4. Google photos
  5. Google Groups
1. Gmail

Gmail is a webmail service provided by Google Inc.. It is able to send or receive emails with campus email address, and change the setting of email forwarding to other email addresses using the web browser. Many functions like Anti-virus, Anti-spam and Search can be used on Gmail, and the mailbox size is unlimited. (As of Oct 1, 2014)

Access to Gmail is here

2. Google Calendar

This is the web application to manage schedules. Users can share the schedules each other. It is able to sync schedules with cellular phones or smart phones by using the function of Google Sync.

Access to Google Calendar is here

3. Google Drive

This is an online storage service. It is able to upload files to the cloud storage of Goole Inc. and manage it by using web browser, other softwares, the apps of smartphone. The amount of uploadable files is unlimited. (As of Oct 1, 2014)

Access to Google Drive is here

4. Google photos

It is a cloud storage service for photos and videos provided by Google. You can back up photos and videos to the cloud from iOS, Android applications, uploaders for Windows and Mac, browsers, etc. You can access backed up photos and videos from applications and browsers.

Google photos is here

5. Google Groups

This is a service providing discussion groups. It is able to discuss by using web browser or email by joining to other groups.

Access to Google Groups is here